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  • You are planning a trip to London but you do not have the time to take care of the accommodation? You do not know how to find the right hotel for a big group? Or you just want the perfect accommodation without spending too much money on it?

    Here at Traveltura, we take care of all your worries regarding accommodations. We help you finding a hotel with the right capacity for you and your group, or the cheapest youth hostel for you and your students. We provide apartments and studios for families, or luxury hotels for our bon vivants and business travellers. Just tell us your preferences and how much you want to spend on accommodation and we will help you out!

    We are specialised in booking accommodations for groups, we know all the hotels and hostels in London, and only the ones which are up to standard are our partners. We respond to every detail of your requirements, and try to match your idea of the perfect accommodation. If you want to reserve a room at a special accommodation, we will try anything to book it for you. We will do our best to suit all your special needs!!

    Our accommodation offers in London :

Hotels :

Due to the different classifications of hotels we can recommend this accommodation to everybody, from families to business travellers and from student to retired groups.

Luxury Hotels :

This kind of accommodation is specially recommended to business travellers and individuals who have a higher budget for their holidays in London.
You will benefit from high standard accommodation and excellent services.

Youth Hostels :

Perfect for youths and teacher with their students. Very cheap accommodation, and mostly centrally located in London.

Bed & Breakfast :

Enables you to stay in London in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. A perfect accommodation for adventurers, wallowers or just for everybody!

Apartments and Studios :

The perfect way to spend a family holiday in a homely atmosphere. Live in your home away from home!

Guest houses :

For your London holidays in privacy, you live in fully furnished flats or houses, here you can fend for yourself or you can book a serviced guest house.

Flat shares :

If you look for a cheap accommodation in London and you also want to get to know nice people, then flat shares are the perfect accommodation for you!

If you have more questions about our accommodation in London, just follow the links or contact us.