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There are few cities in the world which can rival London for all-out adrenaline and inspiration. Whilst they say New York is the city that never sleeps, London is tagging close behind her as the city that, quite simply, never stops. As the traffic on the streets is ironically slow in such a fast-paced buzz of the metropolis, the true rhythm of the city is found in the feet of its inhabitants.

Recent studies have shown that New York and London are the ‘fastest’ cities in the world when it comes to the striding of their citizens, with speeds of 8 km/h nearing the average for your city resident: this is almost 3 km/h faster than the average global walking speed. It seems that the people of London are always catching up with something, heads down, feet spinning in a whir of activity.

Yet your own visit to London need not be at the same breakneck speed which typifies the energies of its inhabitants. Channel all of your positive impulses into making the most of the vastness of the town and, even more, its travel connections to neighbouring places of interest.

Use the overground to visit the upper band of the metropolis stretching from east to west: meander along the river near Notting Hill, take an autumnal stroll in Hampstead Heath then hope on the overground to Dalston Kingsland where you can enjoy the clash of vibrant African and Turkish cultures in the market of Ridley Road with the up-and-coming trendies moving north from rapidly-commercialising Shoreditch, who have set up bars such as Dalston Superstore and the Jazz Bar.

However, if you are travelling in a group and you don’t have a huge amount of time in Britain itself, it could really be worth thinking about a day trip to nearby towns such as Brighton or Cambridge. Purchasing train tickets with First Capital Connect – a company which serves both the aforementioned destinations – can also save you money: with the GroupSave initiative, groups of 4 people can travel for the price of 2. Visit the website for train tickets.

With a group ticket so cheap, you will probably find that it costs less to go out of London and back than it does to get around the city with TFL!