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  • The city of Brighton is a part of Brighton and Hove. It is a wonderful place in the South East England. This city contains everything you may want to do or to see : a nice seafront with bars, restaurant and even night club. There are also hotels in Brighton uk which are just in front of the beach.

    If you are tired with laying on the beach, no problem. Considering the cultural side of the city, Brighton has a lot to offer. You can go to the Royal Pavillon, a palace built over 200 years ago as a home to the Prince Rege If you are interested in historic sacral architecture, you should visit St Nicholas Church, the oldest building in Brighton. It was built during the 11th century. You may have heard about it, under the name “The mother Church”. Moreover there are four beautiful synagogues in Brighton, worth have a look.

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  • Meetings

    For example you are planning a meeting with your clients, so you definitely need a hotel or a luxury hotel in Great Britain and Europe with a nice meeting room, you may need special visual aids, special capacity of the room for this meeting,your clients may want to stay in that hotel also, so the hotel has to be according their standards for your meeting and you will have to consider a 4* or a luxury hotel! Book now for your meeting!

  • Continuing Education

    Or if you want to visit fair trades, conferences, seminars, symposia, etc.during your business travel in Great Britain and Europe you may want to live in a hotel nearby the venues, or you need special transportations. UK business in Great Britain and Europe And after a day of hard work you can relax by going to the theatre, cinema, etc. Book now for your travel in Great Britain and Europe

  • Incentives in Great Britain and Europe

    You may have already experienced that it works wonders to motivate your employees by launching special incentives, such as trips for the best salesmen. Your employees are going to try their best to boost their sales for that trip and your turnover is going to grow, so it is basically a win-win situation, without too much effort. Book now to motivate your employees in Great Britain and Europe!

  • Deeping business relations in Great Britain and Europe

    The best way to tie your suppliers down to you is to get to know each other better, because almost everybody prefers to make business with face-to-face contacts. One way to do so is spending time with them and organizing interactive programs. We would love to help you finding a convenient accommodation such as a hotel or a luxury hotel for your stay. Book now for your luxury hotel.

  • Our recommendation for a trip in the UK:

    For a successful business travel, the traveltura group booking team provides all sorts of hotels for Business travel Great Britain and Europe you in Great Britain and Europe or elsewhere! To represent your company to your business partners or clients we would recommend a hotel according your corporate design, for example if your premises are modern designed you may want to chose a design hotel or a luxury hotel. For an internal travel with your employees it depends on how much you want to spend on the room, but the whole incentive trip could backfire if you choose a very cheap hotel, because your employees could feel that the whole effort was in vain.

    We cannot make those decisions for you, but we would be happy to advise you on any question.