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Before you travel, the group leader has to gather as much information as possible regarding the country of arrival. For example, when travelling overseas, you might find necessary to be aware of the national health service and regulations of the country you are planning to visit. You can get a lot of information in a travel guide! Also, we strongly recommand that the travel guide makes a list of useful phone numbers before embarking on the group trip.

  • Vaccination

    When travelling abroad, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from your doctor in case you need any preventive medication or vaccination. Remember to plan this in advance so that your system is immune before you travel. This is particularly important if you are planning to visit tropical areas or developing countries where immunizations records, international health certificate and a certificate of vaccination might be required at customs. The group leader should inform all members about vaccination.

  • Passport

    Before travelling abroad with your group, it is your own responsability to make sure that all group members have a valid passport autorizing them to travel overseas. The processing time to obtain a passport may vary. For this reason, we strongly recommand that you do not make any firm travel arrangements before all group members have received their passport. Also, well before travelling, ask all group members to ensure that their passport is valid for the trip.
    If your country is part of the European Union and if you plan a travel within the same zone, an Identity card or a passport, delivered by the competent authorities (usually Embassy) will allow you to cross the border. For all non european travellers, it is necessary to ensure that you have a valid visa allowing you to travel to a foreign country. Remember, if you have the slightest doubt, always ask your Embassy!

  • Visa

    When traveling internationally, the group leader should check if the group members will need a visa or entry permit to enter or transit some countries. If you need a visa, you will need to make the necessary arrangments with your embassy about the visa well upfront you departure date. You can get more Information from an international travel guide.

  • Traveling with children

    If you are travelling with children, you will need to show a Child Consent Form (signed authorization letter from the parents) to the customs and have a proof that you are legally qualified to organize such trips. If you need mor information about travelling with children just contact us!

  • Travel Insurance

    It is recommended to contact your insurance provider to inform them about your trip and be informed about your rights abroad. You might also consider purchasing travel insurance during the duration of your trip to cover you while abroad.

  • Transportation

    Before leaving your home country, you will be asked to show a valid passport or Identity card while transportation, to the customs. Finally, you will need to ensure that all group members are aware about all boarding rules and luggage limitation (when taking the plane for example) and forbidden items. So be sure that you forward all important informations about transportation to your fellow travellers!

  • Currency Exchange

    Before you travel, check the currency exchange rate of the country. Take your time to go to your bank and check with them the costs to exchange currency. Your bank will often offer you better deals than any other bank or agency.

  • Credit Card Withdrawal

    If you are planning to use your credit card to withdraw money abroad, ask your bank to confirm that ATM machine are available in the country you will be visiting. Please note that you will the bank will charge you a fee for every withdrawal you will make.

  • International phone calls

    If you travel with young people, parents and youngsters might be interested in knowing the country dialing code from the country your group will be visiting as well as its local time. If the group members want to call their family, it is strongly advised that they are aware about the costs of international phone calls from mobile phones to avoid unexpected expenses. We strongly recommend that you buy international prepaid phone cards which prove to be a much cheaper option for outgoing calls made from landlines. In most countries, like England and France, you can buy these cards from post offices.

  • Electrical Equipment

    In some countries, you will need to purchase an adapter if you are planing to use electrical devices. You can purchase these adapters in many different places like airports, international train station, specialized shops. Sometimes, the accommodation you will be staying in will sell these devices as well.

  • While you travel

    Make sure that someone from your home country can reach you at all time.

And if you need more information about our travel guide just contact us!